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“When it comes to what your body requires to heal itself, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, there is no greater authority than your body itself.”

Rock Balancing

Creative Kinesiology allows you to explore yourself at a very deep level whilst being held in a safe space. During our time together, the tools and techniques I use direct us to the origin of any issues which are effecting you physically, mentally or emotionally.  Issues you may feel are preventing you from achieving your goals, fulfilling your potential and living the life you want to live. Together we identify what will make the difference to you. 

"The benefits I gained from each visit were way beyond my expectations.  I could see and feel the improvements every time."

Eileen, Ludlow
"I am the ordinary person you won’t notice walking down the street, offering something I consider to be extra-ordinary."

Andrea Mountford
BSc Hons, KFAM

Creative Kinesiology

Offers you the opportunity to ask your body what will restore balance so that natural healing can take place.

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