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A little about me...

I am a wife, mother and grandmother and have lived long enough to have experienced quite a few of life's ups and downs. 

Like many complementary therapists, I arrived here as a result of a long period of un-wellness which traditional medical routes struggled to explain and failed to resolve.  I therefore know what it is like to not know which way to turn when you are struggling to find a solution to to something which is affecting you on so many different levels.  I was fortunate to find my own solution in Creative Kinesiology. As importantly, I continue to see my own practitioner to prevent further ill health as well as for personal self-development.  I can honestly say it has changed my life.

​I have discovered a real fascination with and joy in Creative Kinesiology, not only in my own journey with it, but even more so, in being able to walk alongside other people and witness their journey towards optimum health and happiness.


​It would be my privilege to journey alongside you.

Holding Hands
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