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About Creative Kinesiology

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Creative Kinesiology can help you with

  • a physical problem


  • something nutritional (e.g. a food intolerance/sensitivity)

  • an environmental influence

  • perhaps your feelings about a past event

  • an inherited issue

  • a stress-related situation at work or home

  • lack of confidence or self belief

  • a difficult personal relationship



  • maybe you have simply been feeling out of sorts and you don’t know why.  

Discover what your body wants to say within a Creative Kinesiology session.

Everything you have experienced throughout your life is held within your body.  When your body presents you with symptoms, it is to let you know that something is not right.

Your body will never lie to you.  It will tell you where health issues stem from, where any imbalances or energy drains are and what particular stresses are affecting you.  Ordinarily, many issues are difficult to identify and therefore to clear out of your system. This is where Creative Kinesiology offers something extra-ordinary.

Using muscle biofeedback (muscle testing) as a way to receive feedback from your body, I am able to track your problem, help you to discover why it is there and, from a wide array of techniques available, find what will make the difference to you. I use a combination of talking therapy, bodywork techniques that originate in modern chiropractic work, and energy work from traditional Chinese medicine.

"I have been impressed by the perceptive insight and direction offered  by Andrea in order to precisely hone in on the issue at hand."  

Phil - Ludlow

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