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"If it is not an absolute YES, then it is NO"

The answer is YES if....

  • you have become aware of something which is preventing you from living the life you would like to live, that is stopping you from fulfilling your potential or achieving your goals and which you wish to address.

  • you are prepared to commit to be open and honest with yourself and actively do whatever is required to allow the natural healing you seek to take place - both in session AND out of session.  

  • you understand that gifting yourself the best opportunity for change to happen and for it to be integrated so you can move forward in a new way requires time; such change rarely happens overnight.

  • you are committed to try to continue with the process even though it may become uncomfortable at times. 

  • you understand that I can and will walk alongside you, support and hold you in a safe space as I guide you through a process but that at all times, your healing is your responsibility.



The answer is NO if....

  • you are hoping someone else can "fix" an unhelpful life situation for you and that no effort is required on your part.

  • you want that which you are seeking help with to be resolved quickly and easily. There is no magic wand.

  • you are not yet ready to experience the discomfort that may arise when we being to be open and honest with ourselves about how we arrived at the point in our life where our unhapiness causes us to seek change for the better.

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