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Is it for me?

If you feel that something is  preventing you from living the life you would like to live, from stopping you from fulfilling your potential or achieving your goals, then the answer is yes, this is for you.

Why not try Creative Kinesiology if you:

  • have an ongoing problem that doesn’t seem to resolve - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

  • are interested in preventing ill health 

  • wish to be full of energy to live life to the full


Personal sessions are held in a private, comfortable and safe environment.  You are not required to remove any clothing other than your shoes if I need to work with your feet.

What happens during a session?

At the beginning of a session we discuss the issue you wish to address.  

 "Body Tracking"  or muscle testing is used to explore and identify the root cause of your discomfort. We may discuss the major stressors in your life, your belief systems, health history, your childhood and other issues that have an influence on your emotional, psychological, physical and spitirual well-being. 


​Body Tracking is then used to find out what techniques will work best for you.

During an Online session I work with a pendulum to track into your issue and find the optimum technique for you.


An initial consultation is up to 2 hrs duration and follow up sessions of 1 hour duration.  In order to recompense me for my work I ask for a donation of £65 for an initial consultation and £50 for follow up consultations. 


Please call me if you would like to discuss alternative donation amounts or other forms of recompense for the work that I do.

How often should I come?

Most often, the root cause of the unhepful life situations we encounter in our lives hold a history spanning many years, often to childhood, conception or even pre conception.  They may also be carried in our Ancestral Jing, spiritual or constitutional.

Although not unheard of, it is unlikely that a single session will restore the balance needed to allow the natural healing to take place.  No two individuals or client sessions are the same, however, experience has shown me that typically people will choose to continue for at least three sessions in order for the work we do together to be fully integrated so that they might move forwards in a new way.


After their initial consultations, some people come for regular sessions, others periodically as they become aware of other issues which naturally arise.

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