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About Creative Kinesiology

A Unique Approach

How are Creative Kinesiology practitioners distinct from others?
  • Our body-tracking approach helps you talk to your body’s wisdom

  • We believe that the symptoms you are experiencing is your body speaking

  • We use Body-tracking  to help you to listen to what your body is saying

  • We encourage you to talk about how you are feeling….and we listen

  • We think bodywork is key to releasing stress and trauma so healing can occur

  • CK practitioners listen deeply, they are trained in therapeutic skills

  • We don’t do quick fixes - we like to work with you over a series of sessions

  • We work with you in a co-creative way that involves you in the process

Body-tracking helps you to listen to your body so that you can find out why you have pain, discomfort and symptoms, and how to release the stress behind them, so you feel better and have the vitality and energy to reach your potential.

Put your body in the best hands......

 your own

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