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I enjoyed myself very much .  Andrea was a sympathetic and interested listener responding well to all questions asked.  All instructions were given clearly and I felt very comfortable throughout despite having certain painful difficulties.  This was particularly so because all help needed was given generously and the material well focussed on the individual.  It was really useful to be given material to take home and work with. I came home feeling very uplifted and happy. At the end of the work shop many in the group said that they would like more workshops . Me too !!!  Daphney

Thank you for the workshop  - the venue was great.  Content and delivery great.  I would be interested in another workshop.


I certainly got a lot from the workshop and more than I expected.  I thought it was a very well structured workshop - not too many people so enough personal space for comfort. I liked the handout which was very clear and will be a useful reference.  The length of workshop was just right and  I thought there was a very positive connection in the group.  Caroline 

Thank you for such an enjoyable workshop on Saturday.  It was uplifting to meet such a diverse group of people yet feel entirely safe in their company.  The venue was superb and the workshop itself a good mix of chat and action.  You guided the whole session with calm assurance and a lightness of touch. A brilliant time, and I am eagerly awaiting the list of future workshops.  Sue

What a lovely workshop. I really enjoyed meeting new people and felt happier afterwards.  Comala

I enjoyed your Energy Workshop.  I loved how it was was well structured and organised and nicely paced.  The exercises were explained well and it was great to have a go at each one. The handouts are very clear and concise and it was great to have them to read and try them out this morning.  I would definitely recommend this workshop to others, and I look forward to hearing from you about your next workshop.  Eileen

Andrea was very professional the way she ran the workshop and she explained everything very clearly and gave everyone notes on everything she had said which was most helpful.  I have referred to them several times.  Thank you Andrea.  Shirley

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